Lobster season in abacos bahamas

A quick guide to spearfishing in the bahamas bahamas. The abacos is a 120milelong island chain where travelers can explore fascinating caves and cays. What you need to know to plan a bahamas fishing trip. The waters are warm and generally calm throughout the year. Lobster season in the bahamas opens august 1 and runs through march 31. The art of lobster diving can be enjoyable for anyone, and the clear abacos.

Lobster season in bahamas nassau forum tripadvisor. While it is often considered more civilized than other areas, its been affected less from tourism. Bahamian lobsters panulirus argus, are produced in the clean, clear tropical waters of the bahamas from august 1st through march 31st. There is a lobster season in the bahamas and no one is allowed to take lobster even from their condos during this time lobster off season during august 1st to march 31st, this is breeding time. Captain kyle is an experienced sailor and fishing guide who can facilitate a top class freeport, bahamas fishing experience. Bahamas ministry of tourism the abacos is a great place for bahamas exploration. Bahamian waters are a rich source of the spiny lobster. You should not engage in any fishing until this has been done. Minimum size is a 5 12 inches tail length or 3 14 inch carapace length measured from the base of the horns to the end of the jacket.

Fish ons 30 pursuit vessel provides a comfortable days cruising the atlantic looking for some big game fishing. Explore offshore fishing for dolphin, marlin or sailfish, or test your skills with bonefishing in abaco, bahamas. Any person who is not a bahamian citizen needs a permit if they wish to engage in fishing from a vessel that is not bahamian owned. A boaters guide to cruising the bahamas boatus magazine. Lobster season in the bahamas opens august 1 and runs through march 31st, and there are some very specific rules you must abide by as a visitor. Island hopping in the abacos by mariah moyle dec 12, 2017 the islands of the abacos are an extraordinary place. Book a private jet for lobster season in the abacos air. Spend a day in the water spearing lobster in season or your favorite fish for your own delicious dinner that evening. Book a private jet for lobster season in the abacos air unlimited. Lobster season runs from august 1 through march 31 and you are allowed to have up to 10 lobsters on one boat. Cay hopping in the abaco islands luxe adventure traveler.

Be sure to double check prior to your trip to be sure there were no changes since the date of this publication. The bahamian lobster spiny bahamian lobsters, also known as spiny lobsters, are part of a family of over 45 species of achelate crustaceans. When the fall season approaches, the lobster residing within the caribbean waters may take part in what is known as a long migratory march. It is illegal to take or possess female lobster with eggs. Growing up in south florida, it had become an annual ritual to travel by small boat across nearly 100 miles of open ocean to be in the abacos at the beginning of august, when the bahamas opens a. Lobster island is a fully developed and equipped 3. Bahamian lobsters tend to live in crevices of rocks and coral reefs. This event celebrates the opening of the national lobster season and includes a hunt for the invasive lion fish. Here is a list of 8 of abacos bahamas best dive sites. Even in the rainy season, the water is crystal clear.

A journey to the bahamas crystal clear water, kaleidoscopic coral and. Lobster season kicks off on august 1 st, which means its time to pack up the gear and head to the abacos with your fishing buddies. Marsh harbor, treasure cay, and walkers cay are top fishing and boating destinations with a number of popular hotels on the beach. The ocean breezes moderate the humidity felt on the more inland islands. Spearfishing, offshore fishing guides at abaco bahamas. We hope youll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. August 1 st is the start of bahamas lobster season and marina and hotel reservations have reached full capacity throughout the bahamas, including at bimini big game club here is a listing of rules and regulations for harvesting in the bahamas and returning to u. Ask if it is crawfish or lobster when you order and the server can tell you which. We love to snorkel and on our first cruise here in 1989 a friend showed paul how to use a. Enjoy fishing in the bahamas at bahama beach club resort. When you go get the lobster and make sure to watch the sunset from across the street. You might even see a passing turtle, stingray, or even a shark. Steamed lobster tails served in the cockpit of distant shores ii.

You are likely to see this species while on a freeport diving trip. It is a pretty long drive to sandy point so take your cooler for the fishlobsterconch and plan to enjoy sandy point before returning to casuarina. All bahamian owned charter boats will already have fishing licenses but its always best to ask and make sure that everyone is covered. This fishing boat in abaco was destroyed by hurricane dorian. The set of small islands and cays are located about 180 miles east of south florida. In light of their battle with hurricane irma and other bad weather events, crawfish harvesters. Lobster season is closed starting april 1st, and it is open again on august 1st. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

Be sure to double check prior to your trip to be sure there were no changes. Because the bahamas crawfish season officially opened on august 1 st with every man, woman, child and dog hopping into boats and racing across the turquoise sea to get a piece of the action. This muchloved out island is hard at work restoring its breathtaking natural beauty. Lobster island offers lovely private beaches and sheltered docks, which can easily accommodate several boats. Catching bahamian lobster from your private luxury yacht. August 1st is the start of bahamas lobster season and marina and. Its not legal to catch lobsters using dive gear in the bahamas. For those of you who dont know the difference between a crawfish and a lobster, heres your unofficial guide to crawfishing in the bahamas. The vessel must clear bahamas customs at a portofentry and obtain the permit at that time.

Lobster island bahamas its location, beaches, docks. Yes, it will likely be available frozen or perhaps the rock lobster that is imported by many of the hotels instead of using the fresh native crawfish, as lobster is called here. Such unique characteristics make is one of the most popular islands in the bahamas. Only two mentioned in the were in the bahamas, the heavily traveled tourist areas of nassau and freeport, grand bahama. Air unlimited has flights for the fearless fishing buddies, adventurous best friends, and the family who simply enjoys blue waters and white sandy beaches. The list of fishing adventures ready for you in the bahamas is endless. One of the pleasures of cruising in the bahamas is the abundance of fresh fish and lobster found on the vibrant reefs throughout the islands. Marinas, protected anchorages with good holding, shopping, good. Fishing regulations the out islands of the bahamas. Though great abaco is one of the largest islands in the bahamas and home to one of the largest cities in the bahamas, its remained free of the mass tourism from the cruise ships. Lobster island eleuthera, bahamas, caribbean private. Bahamian spiny lobster tropic seafood nassau bahamas.

Bahamas catching and cooking lobster distant shores. To prove it we are matching all online pricing on the tours we offer. Lobster season in the caribbean is one of the best times to find yourself in the west indies. Since youll be on a boat from dawn till dusk loading up on the legal limit, we suggest taking air unlimiteds private jet to the. In the evening, there will be a variety of lobster entrees, lots of beverages, art, souvenirs, games, and dancing to bahamian music. These creatures play a big role in the economy of the bahamas, with some estimates stating that over 4 million pounds of lobster are exported from bahamian waters every year. Following their 20172018 spiny lobster season, which ended on april 1, harvesters are optimistic about the 20182019 season. If youre looking for a perfect bahamas flat fishing getaway, one that is supported with superb fishing at a premier resort like the green turtle club, this is one hot spot you cant afford to overlook. August 1 march 31st is lobster crawfish season in the bahamas. Make sure to always verify dates and regulations with florida fish and wildlife it begins at 12. In addition to these easy to follow rules, the bahamian government sets limits on the amount of fish, lobster, conch, etc.

The abacos has a warm and comfortable climate that varies little throughout the year. Visit the abacos with air unlimited for lobster season. Lobster island bahamas is a fully developed and equipped 3. On day one, prizes will be awarded for the largest lobster and most lion fish caught. Caribbean spiny lobsters are usually found in reef communities everywhere from north carolina to brazil. The opening of the bahamas lobster season opening is just around the corner and marina and hotel reservations are nearing full capacity throughout the bahamas. Here is a listing of rules and regulations for harvesting in the bahamas and for returning to u. Bahamas fishing offshore fishing and bonefishing in the. Grand bahamas main centre of freeport is the place to check out some of the top fishing charters. I even hit on a top 100 list but abaco was not to be found. A 120mile chain of islands and cays dotted by mangroves and white sand beaches, the abacos is on the road to recovery after the effects of hurricane dorian last year. The vibe of the abacos is pretty well summed up by a sign we spotted in hope town. The great thing about combining some lobster diving into your family. The 2021 mini lobster season like all lobster mini seasons is always the last consecutive wednesday and thursday in july.

The harvesters come after lobster season to collect their harvest, they can get about 30. Lobster season is making its way to the bahamas on august 1, which means its time to get crackin and plan out your fishing itinerary. Today, were pleased to update our friends on our progress. Lobster season starts august 1 in the bahamas what to. Spiny lobster season is from august 1st through march 31st. Lobster island the bahamas developed private island. The abaco islands in the northern bahamas offers scuba divers many opportunities to explore great views of the area. Dont dare have live caught lobsters and dive gear on the same boat, though. Discover the abaco islands the out islands of the bahamas. There are also set seasons for lobsters and conch that you really need to be wary of. Next year the mini season falls on july 28th and 29th. Few flavors complete a trip to the caribbean quite like lobster. Snorkel on a beautiful coral reef and see the various species of fish that the bahamas waters offer.

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