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As with several of his more famous productions, castle used a gimmick to promote the movie. The ghost viewers contained a red filter and a blue filter but unlike 3d viewers, both eyes would look through the same color filter. The introduction to william castles cult 1961 film ghosts. The viewer that is included in most dvds allows you to see the ghosts even better.

The spectral viewers as seen in the 1960 movie ghosts in the 1960 film ghosts, the spectral viewers were invented by dr. Each patron will be supplied with a special ghost viewer to see all ghosts. But if you were scared, you could look through the other side of the viewer and not see the ghosts. Movie patrons were furnished with special, redandbluecolored glasses that allowed them to choose to see the titular specters or not. Illusiono was sort of a close cousin to regular redblue 3d. It will definitely be one of the movies ill watch between now and october 31. View through the red gel, and the ghosts are visible. Of course, this caused some confusion in theaters because the ghosts were plainly visible without the glasses. I have much love for all william castle movies of this era, including ghosts.

When cyrus zorba donald woods and his povertystricken family inherit an old mansion, they cant believe their good luck. Charles herbert, jo morrow, martin milner, rosemary. William castles ghosts in illusiono pioneer square. As with several of his more famous productions, castle used a gimmick to promote ghosts. The legendary berwynchicagobased horror film host will present his big coasttocoast broadcast premiere of ghosts 1960, this sat. Unlike early 3d glasses, where one eye is red and the other is cyan or blue, the illusiono viewer required people to look through a. It revolves around its effects rather allowing the effects to enhance the story. The blue window made the ghosts in the film disappear. Columbias release of ghosts tries to remedy that by actually including a ghost viewer in the packaging along with two versions of the film, one with illusiono and one without. Castle explains to the audience how to use his latest gimmick the ghost viewer. Never one to be too concerned with plot, characterization, or production quality, castle instead drew in the crowds be offering ghosts in illusion. If you beat all thirtytwo levels, you are truly a ghost exterminator extraordinaire. When the ghosts appeared, a blue tint was imposed on the blackandwhite film so viewers could.

Filmed in eerie illusion o format, it requires the use of a special viewer to make the ghosts visible. Just hold the glasses vertically and look through the either the red or blue lens depending on whether or not you are brave enough to see the shocking ghosts. Actually, my copy of ghosts in the william castle box set is in illusion o and ive held on to the ghost viewfinder from the 2001 dvd as a result of this. The original release for 2 versions of the film and including a pair of ghost viewer glasses for the illusion o vision version. The eyeglasses through which the spirits can be viewed in thirteen ghosts 2001 were part of a ballyhoo gimmick involving pairs of spectacles handed out to audiences for screenings of the 1960 original, which was presented in illusion o. William castles ghosts 1960 was filmed in illusion o and a special viewer was needed to see the ghosts.

This dvd does not provide a working replica of the illusiono viewer earlier copies did, but it offers both a straight, black. New dvd releases do not require an illusion o viewer to watch the film, but if you. An original vintage theatrical movie title lobby card lc tc. Apparently later pressings of the dvd dont include the ghost viewer insert. The picture plane serves a dual function in that not only does it reflect the image of the out of view subject, but it also is transparent so that the viewer can see the. The old haunted mansion complete with ghosts, the ouija board, the old fashion wind sounds, and best of all, the ghosts are seen better in this version with the special color for viewing the ghosts. This resulted in a number of sources incorrectly stating that the film was originally shown in 3d.

In the prologue, director william castle explain to the audience how the illusion o ghost viewer works for the ghost sequences, while in the epilogue he invites. This time the audience draw was illusion o, facilitated by a pair of red and bluecolored glasses. The movie was filmed in illusion o and a pair of special glasses where needed to see the ghosts. Shop thirteen ghostshouse of wax bluray at best buy. Whereas ghosts only had one viewer for all in the family to share, thiren ghosts had several, the better to allow the camera to follow as each member is confronted by one or more of the indiscriminate but vengeful spirits. Having watched the remake of ghosts earlier this year without being aware that it actually was a remake at the time, i thought it was about time to experience the original, filmed in illusion o no less the film starts out with an introduction by william castle explaining the use of the special ghost viewer glasses that were provided to theatregoers, allowing them to see the ghosts onscreen. Watch through the blue, and they disappear well, almost. Now for the first time on widescreen dvd this black and white cult horror film ghosts with illusion o including the special effect glasses is available for your home entertainment. The benefit of all this hoohaw in 1960 was wordofmouth enthusiasm. The magic of illusiono 8min documentary, horror, short video this short film highlights illusiono, where theatergoers were given a special viewer so that they could see the ghosts in the film, and also includes film clips and interviews. William castles ghosts 1960 was filmed in illusion.

The film begins well, with a genuinely unsettling title sequence all the more powerful for the accompanying chorus of ghostly groans and monstrous moans, which gives way in the first scene to a sly robb white speech. The film also cofeatures experienced character actress margaret hamilton. Whether you watch it with or without the gimmick ghost viewer, william castles ghosts the original. Back then with all the illusion o hype, it was a flick that you just had to see. Each of these ghosts is a unique apparition who torments the newly domesticated family. Produced and directed by legendary showman william castle, master of such garish, audiencepleasing gimmicks as flying skeletons and electricshock theater seats, ghosts was hyped with an innovative process called illusiono. Illusion o as with several of his more famous productions, castle used a gimmick to promote the movie. I originally saw it on vhs, in its panandscan version without the color ghost lens gimmick.

They have to lens, one allows you to view the ghosts, the other makes them disappear, if. It doesnt take long for the family to realize the house is haunted by no less than ghosts. Join us for a special presentation of 1960s ghosts, complete with ghost viewer you decide if you want to see the ghost or not. The erasing gag did work, however, and was a fun novelty. Sadly, more recent production runs of the dvd eliminate the illusiono side, the liner booklet, and accordingly the ghost viewer. Stream ghosts uncut, adfree on all your favorite devices. Zorba was murdered by benjamin rush and the formers nephew cyrus inherited his mansion, he and his family used the spectral viewers to see the 12 ghosts haunting the house. In the prologue, director william castle explain to the audience how the illusiono ghost viewer works for the ghost sequences, while in the epilogue he invites. The original disc had the original illusiono version, which let you look.

The red filter would intensify the ghostly images and the blue. William castles ghosts 1960 is perhaps the perfect halloween film. Holding the cardboard visor, which is essentially a verticallyinclined version of redblue 3d glasses, the viewer can choose whether or not to see the redcolored ghosts which waver and flicker upon the deepblue screen. This dvd does not provide a working replica of the illusiono viewer earlier. Thirteen ghosts, the 1960 william castle haunted house horror thriller times the thrills. The ghost viewer is set up with a red filter which allows you to see the ghosts in certain scenes and also has a blue filter right below that, which you could look through if you didnt want to see the ghosts. A family inherits what proves to be a haunted house, but a special pair of goggles allows them to see their ghostly tormentors. William castles ghosts 1960 is perhaps the perfect halloween film for kids. However the house also contains twelve, soon to be thirteen, ghosts. Add me as another who cant pass on posting on this thread.

Illusion o, an altered 3d viewer that allowed audiences to amplify or opt out of seeing the spectres. A family inherits a spooky old house from mysterious uncle zorba, who was known to dabble in the dark arts. This time around the gimmick illusion o uses a special viewer so the audience can see the ghosts. Dont get left behind enjoy unlimited, adfree access to shudders full library of films and series for 7 days. Gimmick handed out to audiences to see william castles ghosts filmed in illusion o. Every wednesday in june each film will be presented with its original exhibition gimmick. The magic of illusion o briskly chronicles castles quest for another box office bonanza, and like the other docs in columbias william castle series, theres interviews with key historians david del valle, and michael schlesinger, from columbia pictures repertory, fan donald glut, and veteran exploitation.

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