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Just looking for some atlantic patch reef fishing tips that would be easy to have the ladies enjoy. This video contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a. Just a few minutes from our dock in marathon is one of the most beautiful coral reefs on the planet. Bringing a few of my semi experienced fishing buddies, along with all our wivesgirlfriends. Patch reef article about patch reef by the free dictionary. The area around marathon fl keys and further south towards key west fl, is densely populated with an assortment of popular pier and bridge fishing spots. Fishing the reefs off marathon in the keys florida sportsman.

The middle keys monroe county gps coordinates reefs. Most of the patch reefs are 5 to 15 feet deep and 100 feet or less in size, and most are accessable with a small boat. When it comes to florida keys snorkeling and novice diving, coffins patch, a reef at marathon, is an amazing florida keys dive site. Patch reefs are small coral reef formations inside of the main barrier reef. Light tackle, small reefs, but big fun and lots of action. This area has lots of opportunities for catching small as well as trophy fish species. Experience angling adventures in the keys that you will remember for a lifetime.

Keys patch reefs and wrecks produce a wide variety of species, including this big african pompano. This is typical patch reef fishing all found 2 miles or less from shore here in marathon, florida. Snorkeling coffins patch from marathon is worth doing. How to fish the patch reefs in the winter bullbuster.

Patch reef fishing angling adventures florida keys. Other inshore and offshore patch reefs in the surrounding area remain open. Marathon key patch reef fishing american fishing co. Marathon key fishing reefs a fishing reef is a place where marine life congregate and thrive. Fishing patch reefs are a good way to start out fishing in the keys,and learn the techniques of florida keys fishing. Isolated coral patch reefs occur northward from biscayne national park as far north as stuart, in martin county.

There are six patches of reef, some with excellent snorkel depths. The florida reef is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental united states. Mm3 marathon hump west hump spearfishing ok in this area. Coffins patch this is not a single reef but a conglomerate of six distinct patch reefs, each with a unique identity defined by a predominant coral species. Fishing the patch reefs along the south florida coast and the keys means bottom fishing with knocker rigs. Bahia honda meaning deep bay, in spanish is an island in the lower florida. The florida museum of natural history defines three communities on the florida reefs. You can fish with your favorite methods including, live baits, trolling feathers, trolling ballyhoo rigs, deep water jigging and more. Concrete bridge spans long key bridge 5 patch reefs.

This feature alone makes an exploratory trip out to this florida reefs dive site worthwhile. Informations on the diving spot of coffins patch marathon key. Fridays weather was horrible, we tried going out to the patch reefs a couple. This gives anglers an economical and different perspective for catching game fish seeking shelter.

Its home to numerous species and is great for catching lots of fish all year long. We started this half day trip catching nice mangrove snapper for almost an hour before we anchored up on a shallow patch reef for some insane fishing. Any gps will show these rock piles clearly defined on the chart. The overall area is composed of 6 different reefs, each sporting a predominantly different coral. The edge of the stream was clearly visible in these condition, which was really interesting to see so defined. A small, irregular organic reef with a flat top forming a part of a reef complex. Florida keys patch reef fishing is a local term for fishing shallow water reefs, rock piles, coral heads and small. Patch reef fishing 2 miles offshore from marathon key, fl. Fishing the patch reefs and inshore rock piles in the lower florida keys. Fishing in the florida keys off of marathon island with american fishing co. A small, thick, isolated lens of limestone or dolomite surrounded by rocks of different facies. Patch reef definition of patch reef by merriamwebster.

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