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The widescreen centre 2 rosemary lane sutton nr ely cb6 2nz. However, for those whove never worked with them before, it can be a bit of a challenge to know what all of the little buttons and dials do. It is our alternative for those seeking a replacement for the discontinued kodak plusx. Our goal is to provide you with fully operational cameras, lenses and projectors in excellent condition.

Cinelab 8mm and super 8mm film processing and video transfer. So, the next time you look into doing a 8mm film conversion, look for a company that can do a professional high definition scan of your film with restoration. Not sure if i should be posting a question about super 8 film processing on a photography forum, or if i should post it to a filmmaking forum, but. Cinelab is one of the few film labs in the country that processes all 8mm films and offers hd 2k 4k up to 6. Processing of super 8 curently takes around 36 weeks.

Inexpensive super 8 home processing tank made from pvc drain pipes developing super 8 stock yourself is fun, brings mostly great results and saves a lot of money. Our process is a true framebyframe transfer which scans each individual frame of film onebyone using a progressive scan capture system. If your film has sound i will transfer sound at no extra charge. At film rescue we give you the choice of a safest possible process black and white negative or a color process. Current super8 colour and blackwhite reversal films are developed every week, excluding on public holidays this in not a guaranty. The new kodak super 8 camera combines classic features with digital functionality. We are at your service at any time, just give us a call. With over 60 years experience in motion picture processing and transfers, yale film and video is committed to giving our customers professional quality processing and transfers at. The netherlands offers a service for super 8 film processing and duplication. Processing is also available for ektachrome 16mm 100d 7285 film in both 100 ft. Most shipping orders will go out same day they are completed or the next day at the latest. Bb optics, bill brand, a filmmaker and master optical printer, 212. The darkroom specializes in all types of 35mm film developing. Most processing done in 2 3 days or sooner, depending on the time film arrives, how much film we have or do not have, please call us for processing schedules.

The new generation of super 8 color reversal material. It is ektachrome 100d 7294, a 100 speed, daylight balanced colour reversal film. Learn how to develop your own black and white 16mm and super 8 footage in buckets and lomo tanks using ecofriendly ingredients and spicebased brews from around the world. Everything you ever wanted to know about shooting on super 8mm. For about a year now, i have been wanting to make my own home movies. The camera must be suitable to match and process 100 iso material.

Film is processed in batches and turnaround times vary depending on film type. We are happy to help with your 8mm needs no matter how small, unusual or large scale. Ektachrome movie film processingdeveloping dwaynes photo. Once your super8 has been processed with photochemistry you get the film on a reel. Yelco 3600 super 8 stereo projector fujicascope sd25. Kodak ektachrome 100d color reversal film 7294 contains special sensitizing and filter dyes that improve color reproduction. Kodachrome k14 kodachrome k14 films older kodachrome process k11 or k12. If youre posting film to us the day before make sure you send it via special delivery by 1pm. Andec filmtechnik in berlin can make positive prints from kodak vision3 negative materials. Super 8mm film is a motion picture film format released in 1965 by eastman kodak as an improvement over the older double or regular 8 mm home movie format the film is nominally 8mm wide, the same as older formatted 8mm film, but the dimensions of the rectangular perforations along one edge are smaller, which allows for a greater exposed area. Processing process this film in e6 chemicals, cine machine only. Each process runs in its own dedicated film processor for maximum availability of processing.

The film is given up for development along with the cassette and comes back on. We gave panx reverso everything a super8 reversal film could possibly get. The addition of magnetic sound stripping to super 8 film stock in 1973 would help solidify its. Whether its for a set piece for a film or just for experimenting, shooting on a super 8 camera is incredibly fun. We do not settle for anything less and neither should you. We process 35mm, super 35, 16mm, super 16, regular 8mm and super 8. Andec filmtechnik this laboratory in germany processes black and white as well as ektachrome super 8 mm films. Heres pretty much everything you need to know about super 8 cameras. If you want a good result do not underexpose or overexpose super8 films. Reversal film can be viewed directly after developing. We are a dedicated team of filmmakers and technicians supplying a muchneeded resource for 8mm and 16mm film making, based in london, uk. Chemically process your kodak, fuji, orwo, adox or agfa super 8mm film with our award winning on premises lab facility.

We use an improved processing system for this super8 film. This is the guide to super 8 filmmaking weve all been. We suggest a ratio of 18gb per cartridge of super 8mm film in 2k. The original super 8 movies were silent until 1973, when super 8 film began to be made with a magnetic strip on the side of the film that made it possible to record sound along with the image. Inexpensive super 8 home processing tank made from pvc drain. Yes, the films you send us for developing can also be trasnferred to digital by us. So i armed myself with a canon 310 xl, and three rolls of vision 3 200t, bought from wittner cinetech, in berlin, germany.

All devices listed here have passed several tests in our workshop or have been maintained before. Kodak is bringing back the super 8 as a film camera with digital features. With over 40 years of super 8 processing experience our lab procedures are highly evolved for the best handling of small format film. However the whole shooting processing editingviewing procedure was always rewarding for me. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff are here to help, assist, and inspire you the filmmaker. Best source for buying super 8 film and processing. Youll find new or used products in super 8 movie cameras on ebay. I think we can all admit that theres something magical about the 8mm film format.

Your film processing expert for 8 super 8mm, 16mm and 35mm. If your super 8 cart says kma 464p p for process paid then dwaynes will process this film at your expense. Cinelab 16mm film processing and video transfer services. We handle all sizes and types of movie film, including super 8, regular 8, double 8, 16 mm. The best results on film that age will be to process as blackandwhite. This is on top of the 3 colour negative films and one black and white film that kodak make for super 8 see our film stock page for all the offerings. Shop ebay for great deals on super 8 movie cameras. Video transfer movie film projector, telecine, dual 8, reg. We use only the freshest chemicals and have custom made tools to ensure consistency and the highest quality results. Here you can find only some of the items that we can show you in our shop in berlinmitte. We have like all mailorder businesses an increased amount of orders at present.

At first, the idea of still photography seemed kinda lame, for an unknowing little poop like myself. The super 8 film kit is a modern experience for using super 8 film. We have a rolling 4 week turnaround and set a deadline every tuesday at 1pm for processing scanning. Nov 29, 2011 i love collecting old films and movie projectors, threading them up, and watching them. I have some super 8 film cartridges that i would like to have developed and put onto digital format. Processing older colour reversal type films including vnf1 or colour negative cross processing ecn2 processed though e6 is not available. Processing is also available for e6 compatible double 8. Dagie brundert 2 days workshop eco soup film processing berlin filming and super 8 development h0018h00 lechandole. Our 16mm processing, telecine, and datascanning services combine high quality, quick turnarounds, and competitive rates. What happened to super 8 film, and why was it so great. With over 60 years experience in motion picture processing, yale film and video uses only the finest chemicals by eastman kodak to process your film.

Make sure your film arrives before the deadline or you might have to wait longer. The darkroom film lab has been providing high quality 35mm film developing for over 40 years. The film stars joel courtney, elle fanning, and kyle chandler and tells the story of a group of young teenagers who are filming their own super 8 movie when a train derails, releasing a dangerous presence into their town. We are familiar with all 8mm shooting formats, super 8, max 8, standard 8 and ultrapan 8 click here for 8mm order form. We offer processing on all current kodak super 8 stocks. Home old movie film processing we can process any and all outdated 8mm, 9. Super 8, standard 8 and 16 mm film processing widescreen. Our video professionals will clean and convert your familys old super 8, 8mm and 16mm film movies into clean and restored, easy to view digital videos. With the exception of kodachrome type film which can only be processed into black and white negative, we do have the ability to run color films in color processes.

One of super 8 s most important lessons came after the film was shot. Telecine and facilities for blow up and reduction print are also available. So far ive been cutting off short strips and developing these inside a paterson tank designed for processing stills films. Cinelab runs 8mm orders of any size, from a single cartridge, student projects and weddings to major commercials tv projects and feature films. Because these dyes are designed to rinse out of the film during processing, they will change. Super 8 is a 2011 american science fiction monster thriller film written, coproduced, and directed by j. Camera negative development hd film rushes services arri recording and sound neg recording bulk release printing. This new ektachrome film is the only colour reversal colour positive. In general i would like to give some comment about film exposure. Ive been developing trix 35mm still film in the caffenol ch recipe, and am fairly comfortable with the results ive been getting. You are buying processing of your film to dvd and onto a 3 reel i provide 3 reel and dvd this is a film processing service for kodak ektachrome 50ft 160 type g outdoor and indoor film. Cinelab specializes in working with all 16mm formats. Underexposed film get a higher contrast and overexposed films will get a lower contrast.

The downtown store in berlin has to be kept closed due to the corona virus measures taken by the berlin government. Were talking every kind super 8, double 8, 120, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, movie film you name it if its kodachrome, its soon to be extinct. Kodak is bringing back the super 8 as a film camera with. Starting july 1st, 2019 andec will be processing again in its own laboratory. Films are dispatched to the lab on friday mornings and processed on the following wednesday. We process ektachrome 64t super 8 7280 and ektachrome 100d super 8 7285. Hd, 2k, uhd and 4k scans, digital intermediates, dcp, answer prints, film preservation and archive, 4k color grading, post production supervision. We are a fullservice 16mm lab offering endtoend processing, post printing, and digital conversion for any size project. It includes a cartridge of super 8 film, chemical processing, digital film scanning, and encoding to a universal computer file format. Diy spiral proccessing tank for cine film updated followers of my blog will have seen that ive recently been experimenting with home processing super 8 cine film. Cinelab 8mm and super 8mm film processing and video. These films have a remjet backing which cant be removed during processing. Shipping from the uk to dwaynes and back takes 10 days inc processing, i ship via registered air mail, with fedex shipping on the return, dont forget the. This could explain why today when we see super 8 footage today, it almost.

We generally dont transfer films not developed at the lab, simply becuse our transfer setup runs at capacity with the films we develop. The last rolls of kodachrome film are being accepted today for development at dwaynes photo in parsons, kansas, the only photo processing company in. The digital file will be emailed to you for downloading and your original film mailed to you on an archival safe reel for future preservation. Jul 28, 20 diy spiral proccessing tank for cine film updated followers of my blog will have seen that ive recently been experimenting with home processing super 8 cine film. When using daylight material, please make sure your camera is set to using the correct filter setting standard would be tungsten. Pro8mm is applauded for being a onestop shop where super 8 film cameras and super 8mm film, processing, digital mastering, and treasured family archival home movies can all be handled by a dedicated staff with decades of experience.

Sankyo dualux movie projector dual film 8mm, super 8, vintage. Dwaynes offers processing for ektachrome e6 process only movie film. The budding filmmaker would then have to mail it to kodak for processing, which. Pro8mm color super 8 film kit for super 8mm film cameras. If your g160 film does not have the phrase stated earlier, the only place ive found is rocky mountian film lab in colorado. Theres plenty of stock film to buy on places like ebay and other specialty film websites.

Our core services are super 8 and 16mm film sales, with additional processing and hd scanning, priced very competitively. Understand prepaid envolopes are different, ive never seen them in europe. The films can be developed by andec, hasenheide 9, 10967 berlinneukolln. Kodak super 8 film cassette super 8 films are the films that come in a black. Starting july 1st, 2019 we will be processing e6 at least once a week at andec laboratory. If you would like to process your super 8, standard 8 or 16 mm film please either bring it in to our shop or post it together with a note with your name and telephone number to the following address. We color, contrast and density adjust each and every frame or you have the option of no corrections.

In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. All about the 8mm film format and gakkens 8mm projector. Hasenheide 9, d10967 berlin films, processing, striping cancel reply. If you are happy to let someone else do processing, film rescue intl actually managed to recreate the em26 process accurately and will give good results if you are willing to wait, you may get the best shot at colour results if you go with them.

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